Electronic Health Records

I have the unusual distinction of having designed three (count ’em!) SaaS Electronic Health Record (EHR) products for three different companies.


EHR for Medrium

I spent over a year as the sole UX Designer with a team of developers, gathering requirements, wire framing and creating immersive prototypes as a standard guide for development. Also designed intro videos and content for marketing and communications.


Medrium EHR Homepage


EHR for Nightingale Informatix

As Creative Director, I hired and managed a UX team and led the design of Nightingale’s flagship EHR product. The effort was broken into use cases and prototypes for each major role: Doctor, Nurse, Front-Office and Billing. Worked closely with Product Managers and Business Analysts to gather requirements, conduct workshops, analyze and shadow customers and conduct user testing.

See my process for creating a design pattern for daily tasks in Nightingale EHR »


Nightingale EHR Homepage


EHR for Amazing Charts | InLight

Being a subject matter expert by this point, I was able to design Amazing Charts EHR in record time. Their focus was on the Direct Primary Care market, which allows people to subscribe to a doctor via a monthly fee. This means they’re paying for access, so facilitating communication within the EHR was of critical importance. In our first design review, the head of product told us that in one swoop I resolved several of the most challenging usability problems that had plagued their legacy system for a decade.


InLight EHR Homepage