Telecom Project Rollout and Discovery

A telecom company asked Motivate Design to conduct user research in anticipation of a project rollout. The goal was to anticipate customer reaction and to highlight opportunities and risks at each customer touchpoint.

Customer Journey Map

Using data gathered by the UX Research Team, I created a Customer Journey Map which we used during a multi-day workshop with all the client stakeholders. Some sections were intentionally left blank for the participants to fill in during the sessions. A final version was delivered after the workshop.



Showing a Portion of a Customer Journey Map for a Telecom Company Rolling Out a New Policy

Telling a story…

After completing the workshop, I was asked by the client to create a poster-size visual for the top executive team to describe our findings in a fun and easy to digest format. I focused on the community aspect of the customers and highlighted the three personas that we had come up with. I also chose to present the image isometrically so no one point of view is more important than any other. This is what I came up with.


Infographic Describing Customer Needs and Solutions